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Real Rewards for Your Users

AchieveMint rewards your users for the healthy things you want them to do.
Rewards are cash and other real stuff, not coupons and discounts.
Integrating is easy, just a couple of lines of code and you are on your way.
Join several other health, fitness and social applications that are partnered with us now.

Drive More Downloads

We will promote your app to our fast growing user base. Our partners also realize the benefit of rewarding users throught the bump in ratings in the app store.

Increase User Engagement

Rewards work, our app partners see an increase in usage with AchieveMint. Get insights and understand your users to help make informed decisions.

Integration is Simple. Join us.

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Integrating the AchieveMint SDK is simple and requires just a few lines of code.

// Initialize
achieveMint = [[AchieveMint alloc]
    initWithRootViewController:self appKey:YOUR_APP_KEY];

// Submit Activity to Earn Rewards
AMAction *action = [[AMAction alloc] initWithType:@"run"
    value:10.f measurementUnit:@"miles"];
[self.achieveMint submitAction:action];

// Initialize
mAchieveMint.init(this, "YOUR_APP_KEY",;

// Submit Activity to Earn Rewards
Action action = new Action("run", 10.0, "miles");
mAchieveMint.submitAction(parentActivity, action);